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My colleague and friend, Wendelien McNicoll and I, have written and created a book on grief with a difference. We are experienced general counsellors but have specialised in palliative and bereavement counselling. We counselled in a hospice for twelve and thirteen years respectively. We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients. They have shared their painful and dark days with us, as well as their small steps forward and their triumphs when they have overcome adversity. We have seen them as they journey towards a new and different life, without the person who died.

We identified a need  for those who do not have the benefit of one to one grief support, and saw a way in which we could reach out to them through our book. The book is the result of our expertise in the field  and contains the essence of what our clients and our own personal experiences of loss, have taught us. We have kept the book deliberately concise because we know that in the early stages of grief it is hard to concentrate; reading can require a lot of effort at a time when the bereaved are feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. The raw physicality of grief is often overlooked or misunderstood. This is a book which the bereaved and those supporting them can dip in and out of, when needed. We believe that those who have suffered a loss will feel comforted by the recognition of the deeply felt emotions of many people struggling with bereavement, much the way they do when we sit opposite them in a counselling room. For those supporting them, we know they will appreciate an understanding of what really goes on for people when they are grieving.

This book is planned as the first in a series and our second book is already well advanced.

We will keep you updated on publication news!

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