Surviving the Tsunami of Grief

For The Bereaved and those Wanting To Support Them

Are you grieving?

Would you like to have a better understanding of grief?

Are you wanting to support someone who is grieving but don’t know how?

This beautifully illustrated book written by two experienced Bereavement Counsellors is unlike any other about grief.  Each page takes you on a thought-provoking journey, each image echoed by the voices of bereaved people.

As thoughts, feelings and experiences are shared, you may recognise your own voice creating a new image to add to these powerful pages.

It can be read in one go or dipped into chapter by chapter as needed, either way it offers understanding, wisdom and hope during this time of mourning.

"‘Surviving the Tsunami of Grief’ is a book we all need" ~ Rabbi Baroness Neuberger DBE



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