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Katrina has run Death Cafes for several years in the Egham and Virginia Water area.  Please email her to see if there is an upcoming one or you can go to and put in your area and see where cafes are popping up.

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For Upcoming Cafes check and look for forthcoming Death Cafes in Virginia Water. We host one every three months approximately.

What Is

Death Café is a global movement that brings people together for lively conversations about death while enjoying delicious things to eat and drink! It is a safe, relaxed environment and welcomes discussion about death and related concepts, whether they are personal, philosophical or logistical in nature. This is not a bereavement group, nor is it a form of grief support or counselling, just a welcoming space for anyone who has a curiosity or wish to discuss death and dying, thereby casting light into the dark and affirming life.

What Anne Thought of her First Cafe

"I found the session really useful, especially the information about hospices which I was unaware of. After some reflection I realise that for me one of the best things about the group is that the other people are strangers and none of us are likely to judge each other, so I feel that I can speak honestly. I wonder if others feel the same?"

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