"Wow - what a lovely, enjoyable and inspiring day. Thanks very much for your help. Your presentation to the curates was an authoritative and inspiring talk - well done - you're a hero! We will certainly be recommending you."

– Brian Griffiths, Minister –

I work both individually and with a colleague, Wendelien McNicoll (MBACP Accred), who is a counsellor specialising in grief and loss.

We can tailor make workshops for your group about end of life issues or the impact of grief and bereavement.

An example was teaching curates what to expect when they meet parents who need to plan the funeral of their child.  Feedback from this talk was very positive as seen from the above quote from Brian.

Trainings and Workshops

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Past Workshops

A Workshop of Grief For Yoga Teachers

Egham, December, 2019

Katrina gave a workshop to a lovely group of yoga therapy students who had come together on a weekend of training, to look at death and dying as part of their programme of learning.  The group started the day by watching the short film called We, The Bereaved by Copper Productions.  It is a very moving short film, in which a group of grieving people have been interviewed and share openly about their own experiences of grief at different points after the death of their loved one.

Many topics raised in the film are covered in our book,Surviving the Tsunami of Grief.  Katrina used the stunning illustrations by Ruth Thorp, to explore the tsunami metaphor and how it relates to grief. The group looked at the period of shock following the death of a loved one and later, the ways in which grief impacts people: physically, emotionally, socially, practically, spiritually as well as their core identity.  The group brought their own rich experiences to the morning and Katrina was struck again, how we can always learn more about grief from each other and that starts with conversation and opening up the topic.  Someone commented afterwards that she understood herself, and her experiences better now and that is exactly what Wendelien and Katrina hope our book does for readers.

An introduction to the work of Soul Midwives,

Langley, March, 2015

Katrina discussed the topic of Soul Midwives, as holistic and spiritual companions to the dying.  She explained how they draw on traditional skills, now largely forgotten, applying them to our modern world to lovingly ease the passage of those who are dying, and ensure that their death is a peaceful and dignified experience.  The talk shows how there is a divine grace and rhythm to the whole dying process and a good death is a wonder and a healing experience for everyone involved.  Katrina told how Soul Midwives will find their own niche in the work and are as unique and individual as we all are.  Katrina’s particular goal was to open up the subject of death and dying and help people see that there is another way to approach death.

Feedback: "Just want to say that I found your talk last night very moving and informative"  - Helen

The Death Day at Winchester University,

November, 2011

Until people have actually lost someone they love and experienced the vagaries of grief, it is hard to comprehend how they feel as they slowly come to terms with the full impact of that death, on their lives, over time. This workshop at the above day, explored and explained the reactions of the bereaved to a death and the behaviours and emotions that might follow.

Reactions to Loss for the Nurses and Health Care Professional of the British Heart Foundation,

Birmingham, February. 2009

This workshop aimed to help the medical staff think about their own reactions to loss, given they are trained in a medical model aimed at healing and curing people. How might impact them when they work with families who have suffered the death of a loved one through a cardiac event?  The period after that death throws families into an intense period of grief and chaos.  We provided strategies for the staff to help themselves and each other, bridge the gap between their own feelings, the grief of the families and the medical model in which they have been trained.

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